Saturday, May 8, 2010

Meditation on Psalm 35

What shamelessness! What audacity! What obnoxious pride! How foul is the stench of iniquity that blasphemes our Lord with its arrogant threats! How can God continue to have mercy on us?
Your Word O Lord is worthy of meditation, indeed it is worthy of complete sacrifice of one’s life but yet there are those among us stained by pride who spurn Your heavenly wisdom and choose to meditate on evil, on deception. These creatures, who seem to be ignorant of their utter dependence on You for life, desire not Your Blessings but the curses of hell, wishing not prosperity for themselves but the destruction of their hearts and the damnation of their souls. What pitiful haughtiness! How can we possibly atone for our ignorance and our blatant refusal of Your love? Father in heaven, we who long for Your love seek to follow Your commandments for we know that obedience to Your Word is the only way to truly live and love. But the wicked O Lord, they fear no Word that comes forth from Your Holy Lips; eternal death does not frighten them. The heart of the wicked man is a throne for satan, his foul odor permeates every bone of their bodies. The wicked man has firmly set his feet on the wide road to self-indulgence, carelessly flinging his soul into the disgusting arms of the father of lies. O Lord have mercy on all us sinners. I too walked in immorality, hope found no vacancy in my heart of stone, but by Your love and grace Lord, you have given me a heart of flesh, full of love and hope. You called me Lord, and by Your grace I answered. Your mercy is infinite- all of creation is sustained by Your compassion for all those who have abandoned You. Lord, help me to turn from my sin and to find refuge in the shelter of Your wings, to trust in Your mighty Word and to rest in Your gentle embrace. Torrents of love overflow from Your Son’s pierced Heart; the Fountain of Life gushes forth with Your Son’s Most Precious Blood. Through the power of His Blood teach me to walk in Your Light to expose the darkness I found so comfortable. By Your grace keep me humble Lord always mindful of what could become of me I turn my back on You again. The demon shall tempt me Father, turn my eyes from his perverse suggestions, let not his lies move my heart but rather let them be destroyed by Your Spirit. Like the shells of an egg trampled underfoot, let his Words be defeated by Your Eternal all Powerful Word. Keep me in Your embrace; let me rest forever in Your courts. There the wicked shall no longer molest me, only there shall my soul be safe. We shall be saved by Your grace because You have loved us and we have returned Your love. The wicked shall fall exhausted and defeated. Even then Lord, if it be not to late allow Your tender mercies to once again reach out to their hearts of stone. Shine Your light upon them even if it is till the last possible moment. Let Your face illuminate our hearts so our desires may only be for You. Amen. Alleluia.

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