Totus Tuus Online Store

Totus Tuus Online Store
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  1. "Love and Mercy" Volume I
  1. "Freedom from Sin:One Man's Journey in the battle"-from the 2010 Diocesan men's Conference
  2. "The Eucharist:Gift of Unending Love"-A talk on the Eucharist as the ultimate gift of love.
  3. "Conversion Through Mary"-A short talk highlighting my conversion and renewal of family life.
  4. "For God and Country"- A talk given shortly before the election of 2008. Highlights the real meaning of Freedom and the horror of Abortion.
  5. "The Heart of Jesus: Fountain of Mercy"- Great talk on Confession and renewal of devotion to The Divine Mercy of our Lord
  6. "Romance, Relationship, Redemption"- A talk given to young adults on holy relationships. Based on the Theology of the Body.
  7. "Quenching the Thirst: Our Search for Authentic Love" A talk on JPII's Theology of the Body
  8. "The Eucharist: Life of the World"0-  Talk about the Eucharist based on John Chapter 6
  9. "In His Image: Called to Love"- An in your face, no holds barred talk about Porn and it's effect on Men, our relationship with God and women, and the effect on the culture. From the 2011 Diocesan Catholic Men's Conference.