Sunday, March 7, 2010

ABC Wars: Who Cares

So yesterday my buddy is helping a customer and they are discussing the recent going ons with ABC and Cablevision. I heard the customer say that what was happening was "despicable and disgusting and just plain wrong!" Needless to say there was something in that very room that fit those despcriptions but it wasn't the ABC wars. In a country were our socialist president is vying to take our freedom away; in a land where 2% of the population rules; in a land where homosexuals flaut their "marriage" and babies are butchered in the name of choice; in a land where Christian moral ethics are laughed at and and spit upon; in a land where Just law and and Authentic moral standards are rarely heard from; in a land where our elected public servants only serve themselves; in a land where we live in fear of terror; in a land where we evicted GOD, there IS something "despicable, disgusting and just plain wrong". Could it be...ummm...our sin? The possibility that this person- and millions others i'm sure- may not be able to watch the Oscars has panic breaking out. "Its not fair!" they cry, "I want to wacth!" they moan, mindless of the fact that homeless americans freeze and starve outside everynight, Fathers who cant provide food for their children are resorting to crime, single mothers to prostitution, Jobs are impossible to find, our freedom is in jepardy, our country is under attack, not to mention the slaughter of the innocents and Gay unions threatening to destroy out very way of life. "Your love of others will grow cold" I think it has. I think we as americans have become so selfish and so decadent that we are blinded to the demise of our beloved country. Land of the free? free from what? certainly not selfishness and sin. And if you ask me, thats the worst bondage. Home of the Brave? When was the last time we were brave in the face of grave evil? In 1973 our bravery was put to the test and we failed...big time. so ABC is at war with cablevision? Who cares? Apparantly everybody because lets face it if we don't have T.V to look at everyday, we just may have to look at ourselves, and there we just might find something "despicable, disgusting and just plain wrong".

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