Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Meditation on Psalm 1

A meditation on Psalm 1

Indeed happy are we who do not follow the deceiver’s vile invitations. Blessed are we who follow God’s voice; for we are His sheep, the flock He shepherds. We long to know God in the most profound and intimate way. God has granted us the understanding to realize and to believe that His law is our only hope for our joy. His law is the only way to live free from the corruption of sin and death. Like armor for battle it protects us, like food for the body it strengthens us, like sun and waters for the plants it enables our growth. The Word of God is inexhaustible and worthy of our exploration and devotion, for it is in that Eternal Word that God has chosen to reveal Himself and His very love to us. The Word of God brings life to all who receive it worthily as it is life itself. However the Bible we study is not alive, it is not breathing; the pages we turn and mark are not what will bring us life. It is the Word alive in our hearts planted there by the seeds left by our study of scripture. These seeds are nourished in the Sacraments. The more we study the more we long to know, love and serve Him who created us for our own happiness; the only way to accomplish this type of intimate communion with the God of all compassion is to examine His revelation, pray for His inspiration then cultivate the seeds the Divine Planter has left in our hearts. We are told by scripture that if we devote ourselves to His most wondrous Law we will be as trees near running water (verse 3). Think of a tree near water, it roots reach down to the very source of life that it so thirsts for. The fruits of that tree shall never deteriorate nor its leaves whither and die. As that tree is so to must we be. We must sink our “roots” into the Church and enjoy the fountain of Life that is offered to us though the celebration of the Sacraments. Truly never will our leaves dry or branches whither or yield of fruit decline; for it is God’s very life that now is ours, His very strength that we now posses and His Most Precious Blood and Sacred Body is our nourishment. Only by accepting and obeying the Living Word that whispers to us in our hearts can we hope to live eternally. Even the pages of the Most Holy Bible will fade away, but the Word in our hearts shall never die. Truly happy are those who bear this Divine Life within them, for the torment of the wicked shall not touch them. I weep for those who choose not to see God’s love for them, for those who outright reject Love in its most pure sense. Why must they choose death over life? We who are nurtured by love must bring Him to those who are hungry for Him. If we fail they shall be as dust blown in the wind, never again shall we see them for they will be scattered and never reunited with their Lord and lover, Jesus. Time is of the essence, we have so many souls to evangelize, so many of our family in Christ Jesus to love and to bring love to. Our brothers’ and sisters are starving for Jesus, if we who receive Him do not bring Him to them, who will satisfy their hunger? Are we to let them waste away in sin forever? Or shall we stand and fight the good fight for our family and shout in the face of the evil that holds them “Be gone satan! In the name of Christ Jesus, whose Precious Blood is the scourge of demons! I command you in the name of Jesus by the authority of His Most Precious Blood and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to be bound and silenced and to go immediately and directly to the foot of the cross!” Be not afraid of all the powers of hell or of the persecution you will receive here, no pain we will endure can prevent us from preaching the Good News to our brethren. Let us gird ourselves for battle (see Eph 6), take up our cross and spread the Name of Jesus even to the ends of the earth. The time has come for all doubt and fear to be cast aside like old clothes. Put on Christ Jesus and walk in His Light, with His Spirit guiding every step you take. This is our call, this is our new life, this is the outpouring of the Spirit, this is the new evangelization. Are we to be frightened? Do not waste the energy on fear be submerged in Perfect love and be strengthened by God’s Holy Spirit and let them who are against us fear us and Him who dwells within us! “For God watches over the way of the just” (verse 6) and His Mercy endures forever!

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