Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A good friend of mine, someone i trust and admire, posed a question to me today. He asked " How many people do think are capable of living out the demands of the catholic religion in today's world?" Talk about a depressing question. Yet after many hours had passed i thought more and more about the answer. I initially said, "probably not many", but now i put the utmost importance on the word" capable". I believe 'capable' and 'willing' are two different mindsets. I am capable of mowing the lawn, but usually not willing. I am capable of dusting the house but never willing, i am capable of prayer and sacrifice, but not willing to do so. Capability is not lacking in this society. We are a talented people. We are creative and hard-working. Yet, we are very unwilling to work for that which we cannot see now. We are more than willing to work for a larger home or a swimming pool, we will work extra hours to get the money to buy the newest phone or T. V or video game. We need the coolest cars or best clothes, but we will not get on our knees for two minutes to sincerely thank God for all the blessings he has given us. We are a capable people willing to do everything to satisfy the thirst that only God can quench. Everything that is except what is necessary. Can i really blame us? Yes and no. Yes because we choose freely to love that which will perish instead of that which will last forever. No, because we are weak individual;s who really do want happiness, but search in the wrong places. So, how many people are capable of living out the demands of the catholic faith? Most, i would say. How many are willing...well that's an entirely different question.

An old man was window shopping at the local shopping mall one day near Christmas. He passed all the stores and admired all the great gadgets and cool gizmo's available. He looked at the latest fashions and the newest toys for adults and kids alike. He was awestruck at all the technology. He was completely amazed by all the things one could buy. When his visit to the mall was done he made his way home walking down a cold, dark city block. He passed lit up windows and street vendors offering all sorts of goodies. Finally, before turning the corner to return home he passed a small window lit only by a single candle. In the window was a wooden manger. In the manger lay a little child. The man stopped, fell to his knees and cried. He uttered this prayer. "Lord God, i thank you for all the great things you have given us for our enjoyment. I also thank you for the desire in my heart to find fulfillment in You, O Lord, not in these things."

Let us pray that we may feel likewise.

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