Thursday, May 20, 2010

A meditation on Psalm 30

I realize with sorrow that the sun often sets without me thinking about how God is in control of everything. At this moment I am repenting of the complacency I feel plagued with. The universe being held in it’s place, the earth and other planets continuing their pilgrimage around the sun, the stars burning brightly in the night sky, the breeze blowing to cool us down, the rains falling to make the soil fruitful, the sun beating down to give us light and heat, the trees giving forth their gifts to make us able to breathe, the bugs buzzing about doing all they were created to do, the fish swimming, the birds chirping, the dogs barking, the squirrels skipping, the raccoons hunting, the worms crawling; all these creatures and creations are being upheld and supported in your strong right hand, yet I who is also just as dependent on you, carry on with my day as if you, my God, never even created me. I speak rashly of others not mindful of your ever present ear. I judge by sight alone ignorant of the fact that I am forcing you to judge me the same way. I condemn for less than what I should be condemned for and then I parade myself before You in the Tabernacle thinking I am somewhat holy. I say to others “I have been converted to the one true faith!” Yet in my obvious denial of the simplest commandments I make myself a liar and a fool. I am a hypocrite! I Judge when I should be judged! I condemn when I should be condemned! I admonish when I should be admonished! O pitiful sinner am I! Is there no end to this misery which befalls me? Am I to walk this life in stupidity always doing the evil I condemn with my words? O Lord give me sight that I may see! Give me a lamp for my steps so I do not stumble and fall into hell! I see the pit I am in, please Lord deliver me from my enemies… God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Lord of Hosts, Almighty God and Father of all I beg you deliver your wounded child who is lost in the swamp land of sin!!! "I praise you Lord for you have raised me up and did not let my enemies rejoice over me." Psalm30:1
Listen to the recognition God is given by this sinner who has cried to Him for help. We have seen the muck he was in, yet he cried to the Lord, to the deliver, to the great lover of souls and behold, the sinner stands now cleansed by the precious Blood of our Lord. This sinner now stands on the edge of the pit which he once lay captive in. He sees the sins of his past, he vomits at the thought of the pride which once fueled his love for life. He turns from the lust that corrupted his heart. He steps from the darkness of the pit to the light of freedom! This sinner once terrified of the just anger of the Lord, has seen and believed the Lord wants him to live, not in some pathetic state of slavery but in freedom! The freedom to choose, the freedom to live free from sin! The dawn of new life that was once brought into his soul through the living waters now re-invigorates his soul with zeal for love and a burning desire to see the face of the Lord.

Can we not relate to this man, humbled by the Lord but then raised to new life? Have we not said “I am invincible, that will never happen to me”? We also felt terror when we saw the Lord hide from our wickedness. Like the prodigal son we cried for mercy… “Lord I have sinned against you, have mercy on me, a pitiful sinner. Father, you are my strength, my shield, my strong tower of refuge, my guardian…I beg you Father…deliver me from evil…deliver me from evil…deliver my soul from hell…deliver me from evil…”

We begged and we pleaded, with sweat pouring down, tears burning our eyes and blood soaked knees we begged and we pleaded; with sorrow in our hearts and a mournful song on our lips we pleaded; with fists pounding our chests and hunger ripping our insides to shreds we pleaded; with no drink touching our tongue we pleaded.; with hate for our sin we pleaded; with contrition in our hearts we pleaded; with love we pleaded……………… with compassion you answered.

You lifted me to my feet, healed my wounds, wiped my tears and put a song of joy on my lips. I am free Lord! My soul magnifies your great mercy; my spirit rejoices and rests in your great love! "O Lord my God, forever will I give you thanks."Psalm 30:13

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