Saturday, November 15, 2008

A poem on manhood...

Bold type is the voice of God the Father
Regular type is the voice of a recently returned son.

“My son, its been too long, how much you’ve changed’
I know Father! Life is no longer a burden, no longer a game.
Maturity has arrived, though it was not invited
I did not question it, I did not fight it.
Why do I feel so different, why do I feel so new?
You asked from your heart, son, you asked for truth
I simply gave, you are my son, I could not refuse’
‘Why did I hurt myself Father, why did I hurt you?’
‘My son, you were deceived, you bought into a lie
You would not let me near you, if only you could have heard me cry.’

Father what was I thinking, all the drugs, all the lust
Father I forgot how to love, I forgot how to trust.
Father I am hurting, my heart weeps in sorrow
Will I ever be healed, will I see tomorrow?
Will my heart learn to love, or will I wander in hate
Can you ever forgive me or is it too late?
I hurt so many people, I broke so many hearts
I loved so little, used so much, I got it wrong from the start.
The blood I shed, the tears I caused to fall,
I want to forget the pain Father; I want to forget it all
Please help me to see the truth your word imparts
Please change the way I live, change my wounded heart
Take this perversion that almost caused my soul to be lost
Please allow it to be nailed to your son’s cross.
I want live, Father, I want to cry
I want to feel my heart, I want to sigh
I want to choose not to sin
O Father, so much to learn where do I begin?
More then all this, I ask for something so pure
I want to love, I want to marry, of this I am sure
I want to have a wife, and love her so true
If it is possible, I also want to be a Father, just like you
First I must learn how to be a man
I’m all ears Father; let’s hear your plan.
I should deny myself and take up my cross,
If I try to save my life, I should consider it lost.
I must forgive others, as you have forgiven me
Love sounds so wonderful Father, I am starting to see
I must serve, not be served. My heart must remain pure.
It sounds hard Father, but with your help I am sure.
I must be meek and humble, never proud or greedy
I must give drink to the thirsty, food to the hungry, money to the needy.
Sell all I own, and follow your Son
I will, Father, consider it done.
One more thing Father, if it is in your plan
How can I truly become a real man?
‘Jesus, my son, will teach you all you need to know,
Come with me, I’ll introduce you to him, ECCE HOMO!”

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